Have questions?

Plane Sense Wellington Inc. has put together some Frequently Asked Questions, with expert legal and regulatory assistance, to help others understand our community's issue, on a more fully informed basis. If you have further questions or need support in submitting your complaint, please don't hesitate to contact us.


You can register to be notified of any upcoming petitions. 


When submitting a complaint about the flight path change over the northern suburbs (DMAPS) you should send your complaint to the following: - general complaint address - Airways address

You can also include your local Wellington City Councillor: 

Diane Calvert - 

And Ōhāriu MP Greg O'Connor -  

You may also cc  Plane Sense if you wish, which is collating resident complaints: 


Here is an example of a complaint, which you can customise to represent your own household concerns. 

Noise Gallery

Videos of the noise residents are experiencing can be found on our YouTube channel

If we have permission to share your video of aircraft noise at your residence, please email us at:

Additional Tools

Using this website you can view current and past aircraft flight paths. By clicking on the plane icon of a flight you can measure the distance of an individual aircraft at its closest point to your address. You can attach this to your complaint. Visit Webtrack.

Decibel apps

You can search decibel apps on your smart phone to record video of aircraft noise, with decibel readings. This is an app that some of our members have used (although we are not liable for the accuracy of app readings). You can attach videos/noise readings to your complaint.